Telescope: Open-Sourced Framework for Social News Site

Just found a super cool resource while learning the Meteor Javascript Framework: Telescope.

Telescope is a set of boilerplate code that can be used to make a social news website like Hacker News or Reddit.  I haven't tried using the code yet, but the link I posted has a link the the github repo.

 I'm looking forward to trying it out as I make a kind of "reddit" or "hacker news" for open-source projects.  People will be able to upvote their favorite open source-projects, and they will be able to donate money to the original poster.  I don't think any resource like this exists yet.  If I am mistaken, please comment or contact me to let me know.  

Speaking of open-source projects, Telescope is an open source project.  If I download it and detect defects, then I will do my best to give back to the developers by isolating my improvements and submitting a "pull request" on github.  What a perfect framework on which to build a site precisely for these kinds of projects